Guilford MIG Early Works



Guilford MIG Early Works





Key challenges and Mackex Services solutions

The major challenge on this project was being able to achieve a major upgrade within the extremely tight schedule, which was constrained by the client’s rail possessions. To ensure this was achieved, our project team prepared a detailed project programme and managed this meticulously.

A further challenge was encountered with the installation of conduits under the traffic platform at Guilford Train Station. The design required the installation of 4 x 150mm conduits in a crawl space. With the limited access this was identified as a safety risk working in such a confined space. To address this challenge, the Mackex Services project team developed an alternative methodology to first install 4 x 160PE pipes using a winch system, through which the cables were subsequently pulled.

This was successfully completed within the limited possession period with no issues. As a result of this successful project, Mackex Services was awarded further permanent works for Guilford, Minto and Ingleburn Substations.

Work Scope

The work package consisted of:

  • Supply and installation of 11kV and 33kV conduits, cables, terminations
  • Installation of 400mm2 copper DC cables and conduits
  • Supply and installation of 11kV Ring Main Unit
  • Installation of guy poles
  • Installation of 1600 metres of aerial earth wire conductor
  • Installation of 18 x 10m and 3 x 20m deep bore earths
  • Removal of 400m of existing overhead conductor and poles